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Support for the Lucid Meetings Platform

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Consulting and Training Services

Lucid Meetings User Training

Learn how to best use Lucid meetings for the kind of meetings you run, and get hands-on practice. Available online or onsite.

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Meeting Template Design

Get help selecting a template, or getting the agenda just right for your next meeting during a one-on-one session with a Lucid expert.

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Technical Consulting

Move faster and farther with custom development services including solution, migration, and integration development.

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Concierge On-boarding

Part of the set up for every Enterprise client, this service includes branding, organization setup, template configuration, and training for the customer IT and pilot teams.

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Meeting Mentorship

Work with a dedicated Lucid expert who will join your team meetings to model effective meeting facilitation, help capture meeting records, and answer questions as your team learns the Lucid way. Designed to accelerate your team’s adoption of new meeting habits, this service includes a combination of best-practices coaching, hands-on management, and pragmatic problem solving that relieves the burden on your existing resources and speeds your time to results.

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