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Lucid Meetings integrates audio and video conferencing from several conferencing service providers. You can also configure your meetings to use an alternate audio solution, such as a corporate bridge or Zoom. 

To enable a new audio conferencing service for your organization:

  1. Click on the Organization name to go to the Organization home page.
  2. Click the Settings tab and the Add a new integration link.
  3. Click the Add integration button for the type of conferencing you wish add.
  4. Set any conferencing options, then click Enable.

You can can enable multiple audio conferencing services, giving facilitators a choice of the audio that works best for their group size and locations. Meeting facilitators can also type in custom audio information specifically for a meeting. During the meeting, the selected audio information appears when people first join and in the audio panel during the meeting. 

Learn more about these integrated audio conferencing services:

  • TurboBridge: Offering toll, toll-free, computer audio, and SIP dialing and call recording
  • Skype: Audio and video conferencing using your Skype client
  • Whereby: Audio and video conferencing using your web browser, for small groups.
  • UberConference : Audio conferencing using your web browser or phone.
  • Custom Audio: Connect to your existing phone bridge or web conferencing service.