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Free for single users creating agendas and notes
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Monthly per-host pricing for individuals and small teams
$12.50 / host
($108 paid annually)
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Fixed rate pricing for small to medium size businesses
$249 / mo
($2,388 paid annually)
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The people who manage your organization
1 1 10
Meeting Hosts
The people in your organization who run the meetings
1 1 1 - 20
billed monthly, as needed
Users (recommended size)
The people in your organization who attend meetings and work together
1 1 - 50 25 - 250
Meeting Guests
People from outside your organization who occasionally attend meetings
0 200 unlimited
Meeting Rooms
Defined meeting areas for your team, projects, etc.
1 10 unlimited
Meetings per Month unlimited unlimited unlimited
Business Systems Integration
Google Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Office 365 No Yes Yes
iCalendar support (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Linux) Yes Yes Yes
Calendar Event feed Yes Yes Yes
Action Item feed Yes Yes Yes
Social sign-in Yes Yes Yes
All third party integrations Yes Yes
Full API access Yes Yes
Easy to Use
Desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) Yes Yes Yes
Mobile ready (phones, tablets) Yes Yes Yes
Accessible (WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1 Level AA +) Yes Yes Yes
Multiple languages (English, Spanish, French) Yes Yes Yes
Before the Meeting
Meeting scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Recurring meeting series Yes Yes Yes
Agendas & meeting notes Yes Yes Yes
Meeting agenda templates Yes Yes Yes
Meeting invitations Yes Yes Yes
Meeting reminders Yes Yes Yes
During the Meeting
Interactive, online meeting Yes Yes Yes
Automated agenda Yes Yes Yes
Agenda time management Yes Yes Yes
Action items, decisions, issues Yes Yes Yes
Topic parking lot Yes Yes Yes
Remote attendee support Yes Yes
Speaker queue Yes Yes
Attendance tracking Yes Yes
Motions and voting Yes Yes
Document presentation Yes Yes
Audio conferencing Yes Yes
Embed external applications Yes Yes
After the Meeting
Professional meeting records Yes Yes Yes
Action item reporting Yes Yes Yes
Full-text records search Yes Yes Yes
Alerts & Reminders Yes Yes Yes
Meeting satisfaction survey Yes Yes
Meeting effectiveness report Yes Yes
Automatic record distribution Yes Yes
Attendance reporting Yes Yes
Workflow automation Yes Yes
Export Your Data
Meeting records (docx, pdf, html) Yes Yes Yes
Meeting notes (xlsx) Yes Yes Yes
Action items (xlsx) Yes Yes Yes
Organization membership (xlsx) Yes Yes
Room membership (xlsx) Yes Yes
Meeting attendance (xlsx) Yes Yes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about Lucid Meetings?

You can find much more information about the Lucid Meetings software system in our Support Portal.

You might also find this Technology Platform for Business Meetings article quite interesting as both a backgrounder and an in-depth feature review.

Where is Lucid Meetings software hosted?

The Lucid Meetings on-demand (self signup) service is hosted in the United States within our Amazon AWS virtual private cloud.

Other worldwide hosting regions, including our EU-West (Ireland) datacenter, are available for business or enterprise pricing levels.

What is a Lucid Meetings Host?

Lucid Meetings hosts are the room managers or facilitators who create and conduct meetings in a given month.

There are no charges for the meeting attendees in your meetings. You may have as many attendees as you need to conduct your business.

What does Lucid Meetings "Flex Pricing" mean?

The Lucid Meetings risk-free pricing policy for Team (monthly) subscriptions means you only pay for the meeting hosts (room managers and facilitators who actually click the "Start Meeting" button and conduct meetings) in a given month.

You don't pay based on the number of meetings, the number of attendees, or any other contrived metric. And, best of all, we will dynamically adjust your pricing each month to charge only for active usage .

No meetings in a month? No charge. No gimmicks.

How do I control which people can run Lucid Meetings?

As the owner of the account, you can add as many people as you'd like to attend meetings and review meeting records. For each meeting room, you can designate one or more Room Managers , giving them access to schedule and run meetings in that room.

With monthly Team accounts, you'll pay only for those Room Managers who actually ran a meeting during the month. You don't pay for people who have the Room Manager role, but who never use it to run meetings.

What kinds of payment does Lucid Meetings accept?

Team accounts are paid automatically by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). Invoicing against a PO, with discounts, are available for Enterprise customers and/or Business Annual Pricing contracts.

Can I change or cancel my Lucid Meetings Flex account?

Yes. A Lucid Meetings Team (monthly) account is a pay-as-you-go service, which means there are no long-term contracts and no commitments. You simply pay each month for the number of people who ran meetings in your organization. Add and remove people, or cancel your account at any time.

Does Lucid Meetings offer discounts for non-profits?

Lucid Meetings does, on a case-by-case basis, offer a 10% non-profit discount. Contact us about your organization.

We also offer discounts on all our annual plans. If you are interested in committing to a year of services in advance, contact us about getting a discount.

We do not offer separate governmental pricing.

Is there a FREE version?

Yes. We offer a free trial on the paid version. If you choose not to become a paid subscriber at the end of your trial, your account is automatically downgraded to a free personal account.