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Master the Critical Conversations

When it's too important to wing it, Lucid helps you prepare, run, and follow up on the meetings that matter.

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What People Are Saying

Lucid stood out because it integrated with Basecamp and note taking was simple. We have totally ditched Evernote for our meetings and note taking.

Cathy Chapman
Lunette Marketing & Social Media Manager

We were using join.me, but our meetings grew. Basically we had people talking over each other, and needed a way to manage both a speaker queue and attendance.

Josh Cohen
OSDI Committee Chairman

It’s nice to have screen sharing, note taking and calling all integrated into one interface. Also, distributing meeting notes could not be easier than it is with Lucid Meetings.

Megan Notarte
Cloud Four Senior Project Manager
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Calculating the return on investment (ROI) for business initiatives is critical to measuring success.

The problem is, most professionals don't realize this applies to meetings, let alone know where to begin to measure ROI for these meetings.

We've spent years accruing the real data - download the workbook to learn:

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