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Small investment, big impact.

Learning Snacks are one-hour interactive sessions designed to quickly spread collaboration skills across your organization.

Insights only provide value once they're put into practice. That's why each Learning Snack focuses on a single technique or topic, chosen for its effectiveness and ease of adoption, then engages your group to pinpoint when and how they'll act on what they've learned.


  • 30 minutes: Learn
    Interactive instruction
  • 25 minutes: Apply
    Identify ways to apply the learning in small-group peer discussion


In our over-scheduled world, the brevity and live nature of Learning Snacks make them an energizing break — a way to learn, connect, and refresh without the drain of longer sessions.

“I love these Learning Snacks! They’re just long enough to shine light on the topic but also short enough to be effective and focused.”

– Survey feedback, international retail client
Online delivery for groups of 5 to 100

Learning Snacks cut through the noise by focusing on one actionable idea at a time, allowing teams to align on its use swiftly. This format sidesteps the common training pitfall of overload without application.

“I just want to say thank you.

I think there’s a reason why people don’t collaborate well, and that is because it is a lot of work. But at the same time, collaboration is required for us to be better at our jobs.

So I’m excited that we have this practical opportunity to promote the values on collaboration at a much deeper and sophisticated way now. And when you have an environment where you have good collaboration, it can be truly exciting and fun. Like this. This was fun!”

– Survey feedback, Government client
In person delivery for events, conferences, and corporate gatherings

Sample Topics

Run Better Meetings

  • Leading Excellent Team Meetings
  • Focused Flow: Navigating Priorities with the Real-Time Agenda
  • Pinpointing a Meeting’s Purpose
  • Time and Place: Optimizing Meeting Schedules

Improve Team Collaboration

  • Frame Wise: Framing to Build Empathy and Unlock Opportunity
  • Fist-to-Five for Team Alignment: Engage, Understand, Act
  • Three Go-To Master Engagement Techniques
  • Navigating Power: Charting Agency and Building Influence

Make Better Decisions

  • Clear Signals: The 3-Tier Framework that Drives Quality Decisions
  • Defining Who Needs to Be Involved in Decision Making
  • Achieving Consent
  • Working with Objections and Resistance
  • Make it Happen: Documenting and Communicating Decisions

And more.

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