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About Skype

From the Skype website:

In the world of business, Skype allows you to bring your entire ecosystem of workers, partners and customers together to get things done.

Website: www.skype.com

Note: This integration is in reference to the original, free Skype application. We do not currently support Skype for Business.

About this Integration

Using our Skype integration makes it easy to coordinate and launch Skype calls for your meetings.

When you use Skype with Lucid Meetings, you'll see:

  • Options to enable Skype audio conferencing, dial-out and video conferencing
  • Option to select Skype calling when scheduling a meeting
  • Skype instructions in meeting invitations
  • A way to enter Skype IDs for all participants
  • Buttons to launch and join the group Skype call during the meeting

If you have not done so already, you will need to sign up for a Skype account to use this integration.


Integrated Skype audio is available to all Lucid Meetings subscriptions.

Some Skype features, such as dialing-out to a participant's phone number, require the person initiating the call to have a paid Skype subscription. Visit the Skype website to see current rates and options.

How to Use Skype with Lucid Meetings

To enable the Skype integration:

  1. Click on the organization name in the navigation to go to the Organization home page.
  2. Click the Settings tab and the Add a new integration link.
  3. Click the Add integration button for the Skype integration.
  4. Set the integration options then click Enable.

To use Skype in a meeting:

  1. Select Skype conferencing for the Audio selection when you add a meeting
  2. Add Skype IDs
    If you haven't done so already, you'll see a button to Add Skype ID. Facilitators can add Skype IDs for attendees on the Invitations tab, and people who RSVP or join the meeting can add a Skype ID at that time.
  3. Start your meeting and click the 'Start audio call' or 'Start video call' button

If this is your first time using Skype within Lucid, you may see a browser pop-up asking you permission to launch Skype. Click to 'Launch Application'.

Note: Any facilitator can start the Skype call. If you start the call, Skype will ask you to confirm before the call starts.

Troubleshooting Issues with Skype in Lucid Meetings

I started the meeting, but don't see any buttons to join the audio call. What do I do?

You must have a Skype ID saved to your profile to see the Skype buttons. You can exit the meeting and add your Skype ID to your profile, or simply type your Skype ID into the chat so the person running the Skype call can add you manually.

One of the people I invited can't use Skype. What should I do?

If you have a paid Skype subscription, enter this person's phone number before the meeting to have them dialed-in to the Skype conference. Alternatively, select a different audio option for the call.

I am a facilitator, but I'm seeing a 'Launch Skype' button rather than a 'Start audio call' button. When I click it, it doesn't start a call. Why not?

In this case, you are the only person in the meeting with a Skype ID set for your profile. To call the other attendees using Skype, ask for their Skype IDs in chat and add them to a call using the Skype interface.