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December 6, 2018 - version (through) 2.18.54 - URL/link presentations, fixes and tweaks

New Feature: URL presentation

You can now add a URL to an agenda item, and it will be available to present during the meeting. By default, URLs will "presented" by opening a new window in each user's browser. An embedded display is available for links that can be embedded (many sites don't allow this). 

Fixes and small updates

  • Add quick export buttons to the meeting record tab.
  • Make the meeting name a link on the dashboard for todays meetings.
  • Tweak the record on the meeting home to show more info.
  • Fix meeting name displayed as 'Array' bug.
  • Fix a case where failure to download a document resulted in a server timeout, rather than an immediate error.

November 26, 2018 - version (through) 2.18.51 - Folders, tag stability, tweaks and bug fixes

We've released a few updates to Lucid Meetings over the past couple of weeks. 

New feature: Folders 

You can now organize your documents into folders within a room. Use the "Add Folder" button on the Room Documents tab to create a new folder, and the "Move" option on the actions menu for a document (or folder) to put a document in a folder. This feature comes with some small changes to the user interface of the Room Documents tab and the dialog for adding a document to a meeting from the room. 

Fixes and small updates

  • Tags: resolved several problems that occurred when working with tags (often in Smart lists) in meetings. 
  • Dashboard display tweaks.
  • Corrected an error in the billing email for accounts with annual passes.
  • Include tags in display of upcoming recurring meetings.
  • Fixed a javascript bundling error that broke the timer controls.
  • Updated SSL cert. 

November 2, 2018 - version 2.18.42 - Meeting record tab, options to show note authors and voters, bug fixes.

These are the highlights from releases over the past month. 

New features: 

  • Added a "Record" tab to the meeting home page, for adjourned meetings, with a formatted view of the meeting record.
  • Added an option to show votes (who voted how) on motions. (Can be set on a per-meeting basis, and as a default at the room level.) Default behavior is to show just the vote count (In favor, opposed, abstain) without names. 
  • Added an option to show names of note authors next to notes in the meeting view. (Can be set on a per-meeting bases, as a default at the room level, and on meeting templates.) 

Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed a bug causing some meetings to appear an hour off on some users' Outlook calendars.
  • Meeting series in which Turbobridge audio was selected would get a different conference ID for the first meeting in the series. This is fixed; meetings in a series should get a consistent conference ID unless there is an actual conflict for that bridge at the meeting's time. 
  • Restored cancellation emails that should have gone out when a meeting series was canceled, but didn't. 
  • Many corrections to the behavior of tags.

October 2, 2018 - version 2.18.37 - grab bag of improvements and bug fixes

New features and tweaks:

  • Added room_id and meeting_id to bulk upload/download data for Action Items.
  • Restore the default "recipients" selections for meeting invitations/followup.
  • Consolidate the display of multiple action item owners in the meeting record.
  • Improved warnings for past-due accounts: delay disabling past-due account and add a message for overdue payments.
  • Slight wording change on dashboard. Today to Meetings.

Bug fixes:

  •  For the all invoices listing page (for users with multiple organizations),
  •  sort open invoices as if closed "today."
  •  Ensure tags on action items are indexed for search.
  •  Fix a bug that prevented PDF export of meeting records with deeply nested lists.

September 22, 2018 - version 2.18.34 - invitation email and followup email UI improvements

We've been working on a few suggested improvements for more flexibility when sending email to meeting attendees. Here's what you'll find:

  • Select individual recipients for bulk invitations. We already provided shortcuts for selecting different sets of attendees; this option adds the ability to select an arbitrary set of attendees for your bulk email.
  • Add the same ability to select an arbitrary set of attendees for your bulk followup email.
  • Allow HTML in bulk email personal notes and add a WYSIWYG editor. This also increases the default size of the personal note area with more columns and more rows.
  • Allow the ability to exclude ICS files from invitation email. This option allows you to send additional email to meeting invitees without creating any calendaring confusion. Use this if you want to send additional communication with meeting attendees before the meeting.
  • Provide an administrative option for aggregating organizer-based billing for users with multiple accounts. This is designed to optimize pricing for larger organizations by consolidating meeting organizers across different accounts.
  • Minor display tweak to the Dashboard to move the two-week calendar up to the top of the page again. This valuable information was getting short shrift when pushed to the bottom of the Dashboard page.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

September 7, 2018 - version 2.18.33 - bug fixes and minor tweaks

This release fixes a few bugs that have affected a small number of users in the recent past: 

  • Tables (of action items) in meeting records exported to HTML were badly formatted (unconverted markdown text). (This was actually fixed last week.) 
  • Fixed a bug that caused scheduling a meeting to fail in a rare case when the user navigated away to add an audio option and returned without selecting an audio option. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused publishing meetings to Basecamp to fail for meetings with larger records. 

August 23, 2018 - version 2.18.30 - bug fixes and an alternate route to your invoices

New feature: For our customers who manage multiple organizations with paid subscriptions, we've added a link to your invoices (billing statements) under your user account. Select "Account" from the navigation menu, and find the "Recent Invoices" link under "Organizations." Invoices for all of the organizations you manage will be listed, newest first. You can view them individually or select several and download a zip file. 

Bug fixes: 

  • We've fixed a bug in the Confluence integration that could send invalid HTML to Confluence, resulting in Confluence rejecting the meeting record. 
  • Fixed a case where a user following a link to a bad URL would be directed to a "site offline" page instead of "page not found." 

New Integration: Automated audio transcription via IBM/Watson Speech to Text

You can now create transcripts from your Turbobridge audio recordings using the IBM/Watson integration

New Feature: Assigning an Action Item to Multiple Owners

It is now possible to assign an action item to more than one person -- something we've had a few requests for!

You'll see this functionality when taking notes in a meeting, and when editing the meeting record after a meeting. The "Owner" field now allows you to select multiple people. It also looks quite a bit different, but you can still search for a person by typing part of their name. 

When you save the action item, we create a separate action item for each owner.

Animation: adding an action item, then entering multiple people into the "Owner" field. Upon saving, three copies of the action item appear, assigned to the three owners.

July 24, 2018 - version 2.18.22

 This post covers a few minor updates over the past few weeks, the most recent of which went live late yesterday. 


* Add ability to assign action items to multiple people at once

* Reduce user confusion when showing time zone by adding TZ.

* Add the ability to download all members in an organization.

* Improvements in the UI for adding a meeting and managing

 integrations and custom audio.

* Add pagination and filtering to meeting series attendees list.

Bug fixes

* Fix an issue that was affecting download of some documents

* Correct the access to some template-copying forms.

June 30th, 2018 - version 2.18.16 -- clarifying and improving a few things in the UI

Well this has been a slow, easy introduction to the summer months. As always, we're working on new and exciting changes in the lab, but in the meanwhile here are a few small updates to keep things moving along. 

* Relax some restrictions on adding members (vs. guests) to rooms, etc.
* Updates to improve our support for GDPR
* Fix display anomaly when closing/opening AIs on the /todos page
* Fix a busted line of code that failed to get the user timezone
* Do not include TB audio by default for new trialing accounts (more coming on this)
* Offer a "personal account" option at signup (yay!)
* Add a meet now option to the meeting reschedule flow
* Room calendar tweaks (fixes some click-to-create issues)
* Formatting fix for AI on the dashboard
* UI tweaks and improvements.
* Make included Lucid services (Glance, TB) more obvious on the integrations page

May 25th, 2018 - version 2.18.10 -- Dashboard improvements, and a bunch of fixes and tweaks

Dashboard Improvements

* Improve scaling of large lists in the UI

* Add more meeting quickview links to the Dashboard

* Allow to cancel the followup task on the dashboard

* Improvements on dashboard interactivity via rating form as modal

* Set the buttonText for today to Today
* Tweak dashboard / calendar cross-nav buttons
* Link to the full calendar from Today

* Dashboard move forward or back a day

* Automatically mark agenda or notes as read when read

* Improvements to the motions display in the records area

* Work on standardizing and extending meeting preview on tabular lists

* Work on AIs. Clear distinction of the AI nav from AI in records

* Always redirect to the open action items page after adding one

* Fix a bug that prevents open action items from appearing on your Today page

Room Home Improvements

* Add meeting preview links to the room home meeting list view
* Fix motions tab (issue with intersection vs. isMatch in lucifier)
* Do not show motions that weren't brought
* Badge the action items tab in rooms
* Minor improvements for room action items
* Fix Action Item report in the room to show all AIs open for a member
* Minor UI tweaks when selecting to poll for a meeting time

Integration Improvements

* Add shortcuts for creating "integrations" with GoToMeeting, Join.me, and Zoom

* Add a bit more messaging with the custom audio shortcuts.

Added en-GB language support

* Enabled en-GB (language) support for date/time

* Use the proper locale files for moment 2.13.0
* Fixed cover images when the language isn't en_US
* Add email templates for en-gb

* Do not prompt en_GB language users to switch to English during sign in

Bug Fixes, Tweaks, and Other Improvements
* Send invitations in a background process if there are many.
* Add background process for large numbers of cancel, followup, and notice email recipients.
* Fix an annoyance with pagination, search, and the documents tab in a room.
* Agenda editor: make the item edit buttons persistent.
* Cleanup in export filenames to avoid HTTP errors
* Fix an issue with date and timepickers moving when the sidebar is expanded
* Meeting series landing page now prefers a meeting that is in progress (or should be) to the next upcoming meeting.

* Upgrade to node 8

* Update a few of the nodejs packages we use, eliminating use of a deprecated method

* Update instructions for setting up Confluence connector

April 26th, 2018 - version 2.17.41 -- Basecamp 3 integration, Dashboard improvements, and a bunch of fixes and tweaks


Many people have requested integration with the latest version of Basecamp, so we're more than pleased to announce that this work is complete and available for general use. We now support Basecamp Classic, Basecamp 2, and Bascamp 3 within Lucid Meetings as an available integration. Simply enable this integration in your settings and get to work!

We'll have more to say about Basecamp integration in our update email to account holders, but you can read more about it here until then: Basecamp Integration


The main focus for this month's continuous improvement work has been on the user dashboard, wherein we've been improving value-to-the-user by pulling information from room and meeting into useful summary formats.


We've added a new top-level navigation item, Records, to expose records and artifacts from your rooms and past meetings. As of now, we're exposing your meeting history, action items, decision, issues, parking lot items, and tagged notes.  And, we have even more coming!

We've also added the ability to interact with those items without leaving the dashboard itself, making for quicker search, inspection, and editing. The result is more information at your fingertips and a more enjoyable experience.


In addition to the Records  navigation, we've added another top-level navigation menu, Guidance. This menu provides quick links to our library of meeting guides, meeting templates, off-site meeting advice blog, and our ~200 item glossary of meeting terms. Stay tuned for some exciting developments here as well.


The final addition to the top-level navigation are Action Items.  Given that meetings are "Where the Action Is," it's important that we get that action into the hands of the people responsible for moving work forward. We're now alerting you, in a clear and visible manner, about actions that need your attention. I think you'll like it.


  • Add a motions tab to rooms if the room has motions
  • Add a button to send series invitations to all attendees at once
  • Fix a bug where removing the end date for a meeting series would remove the series
  • Set the default action item sort order to due date, ascending
  • Add a link to the software release announcements
  • Clear google oauth tokens when we get unauthorized_client
  • Add a date range filter for summary listings of meetings, notes, action items
  • And a bunch of small stuff ....

March 29th, 2018 - version 2.17.27 -- Maintenance update: bug fixes, improvements, new features


* Close the preview modal when rendering a different agenda item
* Agenda organizer -- recover when moving an agenda item doesn't result in a notification
* Corrections to add-attendee-from-email


 * Google calendar integration

 * System and error logging improvements

 * Meeting export cleanup and error handling

 * Sign in and sign up pages

 * Cleanup for deprecated integrations (Box viewer replaced crocodoc)

 * API update: expand the definition of managed accounts.
 * Add cover images for template guides

 * Minor tweak on template about section

 * Add a user pref for page size for paginated listings.

 * Improve the attendance table for more consistency with other tables.
 * Improve pagination consistency for admin pages
 * Improve the Explore & Learn menu
 * Improve the ability to support invoice billing
 * Improve the Site Manager area

 * Show the billing type on the annual passes admin page.
 * Tweak the site manager page to move a couple links to the top.
 * Improved Zapier integration support.
 * Encourage people to contact support for invoice billing.

New features:

* Update to latest box previewer; add support for single-page presentations and add svg and csv to the previewable list

* Create a page-o-guides and an Explore menu.

* Add an external link to the glossary to the Explore menu.

February 26, 2018 - version 2.17.19 -- Annual Passes! Plus fixes, improvements, new features

Probably the biggest addition with the February updates is the addition of Annual Passes, which provide a way for organizations to pay in advance for a certain level of organizer activity. This reduces monthly billing variance and provides steep discounts to the organization.


* Grab a (potentially) new audio bridge when a meeting is rescheduled. We were seeing some collisions in which a meeting was scheduled over the top of another meeting with the same conference ID.

* Fix a failure in the gallery when an entity_tag points to a non-existent tag
* Detect and clean up broken entity tags on the tag admin page.
* Fix bug in entity tag deletion that was causing broken references to tags.

* Fix navigation bug for audio invoices
* Fix up a couple admin links in the sidebar nav
* Fix error on logging of imported attachment (case 10494)


* Template gallery speedup (page load) improvements
* Show more information on template "view" page
* Expose the meeting templates to more (all) users
* Improve the user experience when switching between calendar and list views on the room home

* REST API hook (callback) improvements to allow various events at the org vs. room level

* Update the sample API script for downloading meetings in a room to include the attendance spreadsheet
* Improve sort-by-name on the post-meeting attendance tab (footable tweak)
* iPad friendliness for making some links more "finger sized"

* Increase the number of transactions we list in the billing area

New features:

* Add the ability to set the billing address apart from the owner email.

* Add the ability to move all rooms from one org to another

* Add the ability to move a single room to another account

* Expose the "attendance" download (was there, but not linked) on the attendance tab

* Add the xlsx alternate format for getting attendees via the API

* Quick report for motion votes
* Annual passes for meeting organizers

January 30, 2018 - version 2.17.12 -- service upgrades, new document presenter, roundup of changes

Hello! We've been super busy with a lot of great updates for the software and the service infrastructure. So busy, in fact, that I've neglected to actually add any release notes over the past month or so.

Our major accomplishment over the end-of-year holidays was a complete service upgrade within our Amazon AWS environment. We're now in our own VPC (virtual private cloud), with faster servers and an upgraded operating system. Kudos to Amy for all the hard work on that one!

We also replaced our previous in-app document viewer with the Box document viewer, which is nicer in many ways. One main benefit is the ability to preview or share MANY more types of documents. More kudos to Amy!

On the software side we have a quite a list of updates to share. I'll summarize the more important ones here.

  • Language improvements for RTL languages, such as Arabic
  • Improvements to the calendar files we send for recurring meetings
  • Improvements to the calendar files we send for a meeting cancellation
  • UX improvements that allow users to dismiss some of the guided actions
  • Fixes for detecting and presenting audio recordings
  • Quality improvements when generating HTML agendas and minutes
  • Quality improvements when generating Word (docx) agendas and minutes
  • UX improvements for using Lucid on an iPad
  • Extensive updates to the public REST API, particularly in the area of action items
  • And many nits, niggles, and a few bug fixes along the way

Of course we aren't stopping there. We have more service upgrades in the works and a slew of software improvements underway. See you in about a month, unless there's something more interesting to discuss in the meantime!

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