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Managers ensure businesses succeed by making sure the people doing the work have what they need to succeed. This success requires more than just data and task lists; managers also need to create an engaging and respectful culture that people want to be a part of.

Managers love how Lucid helps them create a healthy balance on their teams between work details and personal relationships. We help you:

  • Establish a results-oriented team culture
  • Surface and address issues or disagreements
  • Engage each team member with consistency and respect
  • Easily learn the best practices of how to facilitate a meeting

There is something about the power of groups that arises when people who care talk about things that matter.

Paul Axtell
Meetings Matter: 8 Powerful Strategies for Remarkable Conversations

The Meeting Agenda Templates

Every time you set up a meeting, you start with a meeting template. Build your own or start with one of these templates from the Lucid Meetings Template Gallery.

Daily Huddle

Crush small obstacles before they can grow in the daily huddle

Team Formation

Prevent misunderstanding and hard feelings by creating a working team agreement


Ensure each person has the information, clarity, and support needed to succeed with regular one-on-ones.

Creating Alignment

Teamwork isn’t always easy. These templates help managers engage their teams with honesty and respect during challenging situations.

Leadership Team Meetings

Plan meetings better, use the time well, and help your team focus on putting your strategic priorities into action by eliminating wasted time spent on rambling discussions, juggling documents, mucking through email, and chasing commitments down afterwards.

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