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Description of the Template and Guide

Establishing a relationship with your new group or team is simple, common sense, and straight forward. In many organizations, it’s a missing piece in the puzzle called working together.

The facilitator's guide for this meeting agenda template walks you through:

  1. Getting to know each person in a way that allows for safety, permission, and candor in the relationship.
  2. Leading a group meeting to design your relationship with the group.

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16-page Facilitator's Guide with tips, step-by-step instructions, & resources

Meeting Goal

Get to know each other better and define how we want to work together.


Agenda Overview

  1. Get to know each individual
  2. Conversations as a group
    • What can I tell you about myself?
    • Agreements
    • Surfacing & Dealing with Problems
    • Meetings
    • Coaching for the New Leader
    • Other Conversations

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