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Description of the Template and Guide

This template guides users through a pre-meeting interview in preparation for a conflict resolution session of 2-6 participants (+ facilitator). The latter session may be referred to as a mediation.

The planned session will attempt to heal a relationship that has broken down so that the parties can work effectively together in the future.

Use this template to help you learn about the conflict and prepare for a successful conflict resolution session.

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Meeting Goal

To prepare for and increase the chances of success for an upcoming conflict resolution session.


  • Author:  Tree Bressen
  • Duration:  20-60 minutes
  • Group Size:  2
  • Solution Categories:  Managers
  • Meeting Types:  What is a Sensemaking Meeting?

Agenda Overview

  1. Greetings and Reassurances
  2. Open-Ended Questions
  3. Follow-Up Questions
  4. Needs for the Session
  5. Closing

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