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Description of the Template and Guide

This guidebook explains how to prepare for and run important conversations regarding COVID-19 with your team using the ToP® Focused Conversation Method. Barbara MacKay briefly introduces the ToP® Focused Conversation Method, which was developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

This simple, logical approach to structuring group conversations can be used to discuss hundreds of topics. Here, Barbara shows us how to use this method to answer four important questions teams now face.

  1. How might we sustain any positive changes that we have experienced during COVID-19 in our work and personal lives?
  2. What questions do we need to address before we all go back to work in our physical workspace?
  3. How can we use the digital space to guide important decision-making going forward in the next phase of COVID-19?
  4. What are all our perspectives on the safest way to open up our economy and/or our business?

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