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Description of the Template and Guide

Surfacing and working through questions and complaints is key to growing and sustaining a great organization (or personal relationship). While clearing questions and dealing with complaints are two separate processes, this meeting agenda template covers both since often a discussion will surface each equally.

Any supervisor, manager, or leader that wants people at their best must cultivate a practice of allowing people to express anything and everything that might be of concern. Use of this protocol over time will help create a culture of openness and safety.

This meeting agenda template can be used to create a stand-alone meeting dedicated to clearing, or incorporated into longer all-hands meetings and leadership retreats.

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Meeting Goal

Surface and address all questions and complaints that exist for members of the group.


  • Author:  Paul Axtell
  • Duration:  30 to 45+ minutes
  • Group Size:  Any
  • Solution Categories:  Managers

Agenda Overview

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Questions and Answers
  4. Closing

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