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Elise Keith


Elise Keith is one of the co-founders of Lucid Meetings. Before starting Lucid, she worked to deliver collaboration products for international standards organizations and the legal e-discovery industry, where the importance of a well-run meeting (and the consequences of a failed meeting) were made abundantly clear.

She now divides her time between work on Lucid Meetings, parenting her 3 young children, and consulting with teams on how to inspire the effective meeting habit in their organizations.

Elise's Webinars

How to Plan and Execute Shorter, More Productive Meetings
April 2014


A framework for designing a retrospective that works.

Run your daily Agile standup online.

Brings together different team leads to share updates.

The Daily Huddle keeps management teams coordinated, focused, accountable and efficient. Lasting just 10 to 15 minutes, a Daily Huddles ensures everyone knows what’s going on each day.

A structured approach for Boards that puts important decisions first.

Understand, evaluate and decide how to tackle an important decision.

Provide business updates to investors and stakeholders.

Status meeting for project managers working with teams.

Review results from the past quarter and plan for the next quarter.

Focus on asking questions instead of reading updates.

The template agenda from Roberts Rules of Order (11th ed.)

A simple and efficient framework.

For early-stage startups with investors.

Align the team to get projects started.

Find solutions and make an action plan.

Share information, drive accountability and resolve challenges impeding progress.