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Anna O’Byrne is the principal at Anna O'Byrne Consulting, a content marketing strategy and copywriting consultancy. She is a seasoned facilitator, with expertise in executive retreats, strategic planning, change and project management. Anna is exploring new ways to take workshop processes (and especially strategic planning) online, learning from some of the world’s most successful distributed... [ more ]

Beatrice helps leaders eliminate boring, unproductive meetings, organization-wide, co-creating the conditions that make their meetings worth the time, talent and money invested in them. As Director of the International Institute for Facilitation and Change, she has worked in over 30 countries with an impressive array of change-oriented organizations, including UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund, Inter-... [ more ]

Consulting services offering IT & strategic business planning, project management, product & site promotion through expert content, and process engineering for both startups and mature organizations. Noteworthy accomplishments:

Chris Gift joined ICANN in January 2013 and is responsible for all online services and web assets at ICANN. Chris joins ICANN with over 23 year’s progressively responsible experience in start-up, mid-sized, and global 2000 corporations across a variety of industries. For the past 15 years he has focused on software-as-a-service solutions for business-to-business and since 2007 on collaboration... [ more ]

I’m a writer based in Portland, Oregon. Most recently I wrote The Blogger Abides, an ebook about freelancing — how I make a (very modest) living as a writer. I also write for Mental Floss, The Atlantic, This American Life, The Magazine, The Portland Mercury, and lots of others. In a previous tech-career life, I helped create Peekaboo Barn, Peekaboo Wild, Big Fat Lies, Life in Short, Cocktail... [ more ]

President of Sensei Way L.L.C. Dan Prock is a graduate engineer with a Masters and Ph.D. in psychology. He has been a lean enterprise facilitator, coach and “train the trainer” workshop leader for over 20 years. Over that time, Dan led hundreds of kaizen events in factories and knowledge work areas including product design, quality assurance, software development, marketing, law, restaurants, and... [ more ]

Dr. Patricia Thompson is a Corporate Psychologist and founder of Silver Lining Psychology, a management consulting firm devoted to helping businesses flourish by making well-informed hiring decisions, cultivating talent, and developing a positive organizational culture. Notable clients include The Home Depot, Baylor Scott & White Health, SunTrust Banks, Mercer, Chick-Fil-A, Children’s... [ more ]

Dr. Steven G. Rogelberg holds the title of Chancellor’s Professor at UNC Charlotte for distinguished national, international and interdisciplinary contributions. He is a Professor of Organizational Science, Management, and Psychology at well as the Director of Organizational Science. He has over 100 publications and over 100 invited speeches/colloquiums addressing issues such as team... [ more ]

Elise is Lucid Meetings' resident meeting maven and author of Where the Action Is: The Meetings That Make or Break Your Organization. She leads our research, publication, and product management efforts, constantly seeking the best ways to make it easy for people to enjoy meetings that get work done.

Named one of New England’s Top 40 Influencers in Content and Digital Marketing, Holly understands the power of building customer relationships online. She has a comprehensive understanding of business strategy and the skills necessary to produce and enforce results-driven marketing processes and campaigns. Holly is passionate about implementing strategies and visual engagement solutions that... [ more ]

Ingrid Bens is a consultant and trainer with a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and over 25 years experience as a professional facilitator. As a consultant with expertise in Organization Development, Ingrid has designed and lead numerous large-scale strategic change efforts for Fortune 500 companies, government departments and non-profit organizations.

John is Lucid Meetings' chief technologist and an experienced business leader. He works daily to improve the breadth, depth, and quality of the Lucid Meetings technology platform and to ensure the platform's relevance to the business community.

Kevin is the Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group, a leadership and learning consulting company that has been helping organizations, teams and individuals reach their potential since 1993. Kevin’s specialties include leadership, teams and teamwork, organizational culture, facilitating change, organizational learning and more. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small firms... [ more ]

Lisette helps teams work together from anywhere with online and in-person workshops and by sharing best practices and inspiring stories. Her goal is to get the best people working together regardless of location. She is working on a book called "Collaboration Superpowers: Stories of remote teams doing great things" based on her popular workshop for remote teams. Learn more at www.... [ more ]

A renowned expert in the fields of virtual collaboration, global teams, and managing wide-scale organizational change, Nancy Settle-Murphy is author of Leading Effective Virtual Teams and publisher of the free monthly online newsletter, Communique, which provides practical tips to address tough challenges virtual teams constantly face. Drawing from more than two decades of experience in... [ more ]

With more than thirty years of experience helping organizations and individuals be more effective, Paul Axtell has honed his insights in executive offices and training programs for everyone from office staff and line workers to managers and team leaders.

Born in South Africa, Paul moved to the United States as a small child, and has continued to seek out travel, adventure, and education ever since. A self-proclaimed “mercenary” educator and coach, Paul has had the opportunity to work with numerous organizations and to support a diverse spectrum of clients. Paul has worked throughout the world as a facilitator, curriculum designer, guide,... [ more ]

Pilar Orti is the Director of Virtual not Distant: www.virtualnotdistant.com Pilar designs in-person and online training programs for managers of remote teams. She also works with HR and leadership teams to help them make the transition to flexible working, through coaching, team facilitation and consulting. In order to amplify the message, the Virtual not Distant blog is updated regularly, with... [ more ]

Dr. Richard Lent has spent the last 25 years identifying structures for more effective meetings and coaching leaders in their use. He facilitates meetings around the world in business, non-profit organizations and communities of all sizes. Rick delivers workshops and presentations on a structural approach to better meetings. In 2015, he published his second book, Leading Great Meetings: How to... [ more ]

Tammy Adams Spann is the President of Chaosity LLC, a woman-owned organization focused on bringing clarity to the chaos of leadership through improved collaboration. Tammy is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and has co-authored two books on the topic of facilitation - Facilitating the Project Lifecycle and The Project Meeting Facilitator. For the past 20 years, Tammy has worked with... [ more ]

CEO & Founder of EVO Based in Portland Oregon, Evo is a regional consulting, staffing, and recruiting solution for some of the world’s largest and most innovative organizations. Our team at Evo is known for two things: delivery and caring. http://www.evosolutions.com/

Tree Bressen has been blessed with a calling to help groups function well. Over more than two decades, she has served a wide variety of (150+) organizations. As a consultant, her design work focuses on alignment of human action towards purpose. She facilitates lively, connecting meetings that produce effective results, and offers trainings that are engaging and practical. Tree is also the... [ more ]

Tricia Harris is a Product Evangelist that coordinates marketing activities for Lucid Meetings, a cloud-based virtual meeting platform. Over her career, she has worked for five Internet-based companies, focusing on customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. With experience in web design, project management, sales, and technical marketing, she enjoys wearing many hats and empowering customers... [ more ]