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Tammy Adams Spann


Tammy Adams Spann is the President of Chaosity LLC, a woman-owned organization focused on bringing clarity to the chaos of leadership through improved collaboration. Tammy is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and has co-authored two books on the topic of facilitation - Facilitating the Project Lifecycle and The Project Meeting Facilitator.

For the past 20 years, Tammy has worked with organizations around the country to…

Collaboratively Improve Business Processes

  • Helping teams make their current processes transparent.
  • Identifying improvements that move them swiftly to the strategic goals.
  • Creating new processes to support changes in business.
  • Transferring continuous process improvement skills into the organization.

Facilitate High-Stakes Meetings

  • Helping teams think through and resolve complex issues.
  • Jointly developing integrated time lines and action plans for getting work done.
  • Aiding stakeholders in defining their strategic vision and a plan for getting there

Train Others in Collaborative Leadership & Facilitation Skills

For more information visit www.chaosity.com.


How to Create a Group Decision-Making Matrix

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