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Description of the Template and Guide

Inspired by the written report format put together by the fine folks at Weekdone, this meeting agenda template adapts the PPP status report into a status meeting where people can discuss the information they share.

Used by product teams, technology companies, and entrepreneurs alike, the Progress, Plans & Problems format provides an easy way to communicate the essential information a group needs to know to keep their work in synch.

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Meeting Goal

Get visibility into each other's activities, remove any roadblocks, and take a moment to remember we’re all real people.


  • Author:  Elise Keith
  • Duration:  25 minutes or more
  • Group Size:  10 or fewer
  • Solution Categories:  Product Developers
  • Meeting Types:  What is a Progress Check Meeting?

Agenda Overview

  1. Team Updates:
    Progress, Plans & Problems
  2. Review & Close

Download the Agenda

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