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Description of the Template and Guide

If you like seeing others’ reactions through their facial expressions and body language, you’re not alone. When other people have their cameras off, maybe you feel less connected, more isolated, and anxious. But roughly a third of remote workers say they are exhausted by expectations to have their cameras on. And exhausted workers are less productive, less engaged.

What’s the answer to this dilemma? Have a team conversation. Enlist your team in creating camera norms the team needs.

Use this guide, so together, you come to a decision everyone will support.

Get the Guidebook

The packet includes a detailed guidebook with sample scripts, an example slide deck, and a draft agenda in Word.

Meeting Goal

To create team camera-use norms


Agenda Overview

  1. Small talk: Let’s catch up! (10 min)
  2. Interests: What do you hope to gain from camera use
  3. norms? (10 min)
  4. Data: Which survey results do you think best point us toward a good norm for the team? (10 min)
  5. Options: Which norms might best meet the needs of most of our team members most of the time? (10 min)
  6. Poll: Which recommendation do you feel has the most merit for a four-week pilot? (5 min)
  7. Consensus: Can you support this norm in all our team meetings for the next four weeks? (5 min)
  8. Closing: Are there other remote-work issues you’d like to discuss at a future meeting? (5 min)

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