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Leadership Teams

Plan meetings better, use the time well, establish a meeting cadence and help your team focus on putting your strategic priorities into action. Eliminate all the wasted time spent on rambling discussions, juggling documents, mucking through email, and chasing commitments down afterwards.

Lucid provides the strategic planning templates, structure, and automation support you need to ensure your regular leadership meetings stay on target and effective. We help you:

  • Ensure strategic alignment
  • Drive progress on goals
  • Identify and solve issues fast
  • Customize the strategic plan templates to align with your process

“No action, activity or process is more central to creating a healthy organization than the meeting. Meetings provide the forum for values to be established, discussed and lived, and a place where decisions around strategy and tactics are made and reviewed.”

Patrick Leoncini, The Table Group

The Meeting Agenda Templates

Every time you set up a meeting, you start with a meeting template. Build your own or start with one of these templates from the Lucid Meetings Template Gallery.

Featured Customers

When we can help leaders be more effective, and turn meeting expense into business investment, we’ve changed their thinking for good. Lucid is an indispensable part of our value proposition.

Toby Lucich
CEO, Return Leverage