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Run professionally designed meetings like a boss with meeting templates

Your business is too important to wing it. When you need to get results from a meeting, there are proven methods that work, and lots of ways that don't. With meeting templates from the Lucid gallery, you get instant access to the expertise you need.

Each meeting template is designed to solve a specific challenge, and comes with a draft agenda designed by a meeting expert and a complete guidebook spelling out exactly how to achieve the desired meeting outcome.

Some examples of our most popular meeting templates include:

  • Strategic Planning Meeting: Goal Setting Template
  • Strategic Planning Meeting: Vision Setting Template
  • Remote Team Working Agreement Template
  • Project Kickoff Meeting Template
  • Formal Board Meeting Template
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    What I especially like about Lucid is that I’ve created my own template. For every meeting I organize, I just add the people I want to invite to the meeting and the invitation goes out—they get reminders, and I don’t have to send anything manually.

    Lisette Sutherland
    Founder of Collaboration Superpowers