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Press Kit

This page contains our branding and assets, including a company overview, founder photos, and logos for Lucid Meetings. For questions or inquiries, please contact us.

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Short Description

Lucid solves the problems that cause poor business meetings, helping everyone run meetings that get results.

Company Boilerplate

Lucid Meetings helps groups pursue their goals through online meetings that are more productive, more efficient, and more rewarding.

We combine collaboration and web conferencing software for a complete meeting management system to support professional meeting preparation, a collaborative in-meeting experience, and effortless follow-through on meeting results. For more information, please visit our website at https://www.lucidmeetings.com.

Founder Photos


Lucid Meetings Logo
Downloads: Web logo | Large logo | EPS logo

Lucid Meetings Logo
Downloads: Web logo | Large logo | EPS logo

Founder Story

We came together in 2010. Three of us were building online collaboration software for standards-setting organizations. These organizations are distributed by nature, they're made up of intentionally competing interests, and they work toward agreements that underpin the global economy.

These groups shared email and documents online, then traveled to a common location to hash out the final versions. With the economic downturn, travel budgets were slashed, so these same groups began running more meetings using tools such as WebEx and GoTo Meeting.

We saw teams juggling five or six apps to get their work done - they talked over each other, lost their place in the agenda, and left calls without clarifying their results. Then they’d backtrack on the next call, when they found key information never made it from the meeting back into their official records.

We created Lucid to help these organizations accelerate progress on their work despite the new limits on travel. The principles behind Lucid - a clear meeting structure, sensible prompts for meeting leaders, real-time note taking, and an automated online home for meeting records - apply to all kinds of working teams.

In addition to standards committees, we’re used by corporate leadership teams, digital agencies, manufacturers, boards, engineers, sales teams, consultants, and activists. Remote teams use Lucid, and so do teams that all work together in the same room.

Our company is located in Portland, OR, and our growing team works from anywhere and everywhere. Of course, we use Lucid to meet and guide the company forward.

Product screenshots, videos, and additional images

Lucid Meetings screenshots
Lucid Meetings screenshots: pre-meeting agenda, in-meeting action review, simple follow up | Download image file
Meeting Technology PyramidCoordinationFinding a time, invitations, RSVPs, time zones, calendars, remindersConnectionJoining the online meeting, audio & video conferencingContentDocuments, agenda collaboration, chat logs, screen sharing, minutes,exports & integrationsProcessTimers, roles, speaker queue, voting, automated reviewAccountabilityAction items, attendance, follow-up,reporting, ratings and feedbackRepeatabilityTemplates, structure,records review,process controlSystematic Excellence in MeetingsReliable results, continuousimprovement, a habit of success
The Lucid Meetings Solution Stack | Download image
Lucid Meetings Overview Video

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