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Meaningful Meeting Agendas

What Lucid does for you

  • Creates a starting point for you based on a professionally-designed meeting agenda template
  • Distributes and references reports in one place, in context, with attached presentations, reports, and other agenda materials
  • Gives everyone invited a way to add to the agenda before the meeting (if desired)
  • Includes the agenda in meeting invitations
  • Prepares action items for review, motions for consideration, and planned meeting activities
  • Exports the agenda and materials to Word, PDF, or your project management system

What I like about Lucid Meetings is that we can all take notes throughout the agenda. That’s one thing that we weren’t able to do before, and now people can write things down, ask questions, use the chat, raise their hands—which makes it even more interactive, because they’re participating now.

Lisette Sutherland
Founder of Collaboration Superpowers