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Agenda Collaboration

Useful meeting agendas that ensure results

Screenshot of collaborative agenda before a meeting Mobile screenshot of collaborative agenda before a meeting

Create agendas for all your working meetings; from simple lists of topics to rich agendas for more sophisticated meetings. Then, send the agenda out to get topic recommendations in advance, which saves everyone time during the meeting.

Lucid’s quick-start agenda templates fill in the basics, accelerating setup and giving new meeting organizers the confidence to succeed. From there, you’re in charge of how much detail to share (or not) and who else can work on the agenda too, making it easy to assign accountability and safely distribute prep duties. You can add documents for review, assign people to cover the topics they’ll present, and preload action items from earlier meetings for review. All together, Lucid agenda's provide powerful process support that automates the administrivia and shares the load for meeting prep with the team.

What Lucid does for you

  • Creates a starting point for you based on a professionally-designed meeting agenda template
  • Distributes and references reports in one place, in context, with attached presentations, reports, and other agenda materials
  • Gives everyone invited a way to add to the agenda before the meeting (if desired)
  • Includes the agenda in meeting invitations
  • Prepares action items for review, motions for consideration, and planned meeting activities
  • Exports the agenda and materials to Word, PDF, or your project management system

I was so lucky to have found you—so many people ask me about agenda management. We use Lucid Meetings in the workshop, and when I present it, people really get it.

Lisette Sutherland
Founder of Collaboration Superpowers