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Meaningful Meeting Agendas

What Lucid does for you

  • Creates a starting point for you based on a professionally-designed meeting agenda template
  • Distributes and references reports in one place, in context, with attached presentations, reports, and other agenda materials
  • Gives everyone invited a way to add to the agenda before the meeting (if desired)
  • Includes the agenda in meeting invitations
  • Prepares action items for review, motions for consideration, and planned meeting activities
  • Exports the agenda and materials to Word, PDF, or your project management system

With Lucid Meetings, the process is more automated and I am not needed. There’s a whole function of my job that gets consolidated because Lucid is doing it for me. Once I found Lucid Meetings, it only made sense to use it to drive the agenda.

Lisette Sutherland
Founder of Collaboration Superpowers