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Agreements made in meetings get real with action items

Create clarity about who owns what by capturing action items in the moment. Work together to make sure each task is clear and assigned an owner and due date during the meeting, before the ideas have a chance to get fuzzy or lost.

After the meeting, action items appear at the top of the distributed meeting notes, ensuring everyone sees commitments even if they couldn’t attend. Leaders can review all action items for a team or project in one place, providing the visibility needed to manage and correct course. With commitments this clear, you’ll never need to guess what happened in a meeting and what to expect from the team next!

What Lucid does for you

  • Provides a way to capture action items during the meeting and in meeting rooms
  • Provides reports on open action items
  • Rolls-up each person's action items from across all meetings where they can be managed in one place
  • Sends reminder links about open action items for review before meetings
  • Automates review of new and past action items during meetings with Smart Lists
  • Synchs action items with many popular task tracking and project management applications
  • Provides a meeting follow up email template with links directly to the recipient's action items

The efficiency of having everything in one place—that’s the best. You’re meeting to solve something, so you need to look back at the previous notes and you want to be able to track progress. If you’re not measuring progress, then you’re not going anywhere.

Lisette Sutherland
Founder of Collaboration Superpowers