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Action Item Management

What Lucid does for you

  • Provides a way to capture action items during the meeting and in meeting rooms
  • Provides reports on open action items
  • Rolls-up each person's action items from across all meetings where they can be managed in one place
  • Sends reminder links about open action items for review before meetings
  • Automates review of new and past action items during meetings with Smart Lists
  • Synchs action items with many popular task tracking and project management applications
  • Provides a meeting follow up email template with links directly to the recipient's action items

We knew there had to be a better, more effect and repeatable way to engage on a project. While we gladly rolled up our sleeves - scheduling meetings, taking notes, following-up on action items – on an ongoing basis, this isn’t the highest and best use of seasoned consultants (or our client’s budget).

Toby Lucich
CEO, Return Leverage