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Recorded Webinars

Meeting Experts Series

Q&A Webinar with Paul
May 19, 2016

Rick Lent: The Secret to Building Effective Decisions in Meetings
May 5, 2016

Lisette Sutherland: How to Hire a Virtual Superstar for Your Business
March 2016

Anna O'Byrne: Strategic Planning with Remote Teams: It's Easier Than You Think
March 2016

Elise and John Keith: How to Plan and Execute Shorter, More Productive Meetings
April 2014

Effective Meetings in the Cloud: How do I do it?
Elise Keith, June 2012
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About Lucid Meetings

Live Demo #1: Calendars & Conferencing
December 2015

Live Demo #2: Working the Agenda
December 2015

Live Demo #3: Meeting Well as a Habit
December 2015