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Latte and Learn

How to Run a Retrospective Meeting

This is a meeting agenda template for "Latte and Learn." Latte and Learn sessions help team members to learn together by reflecting on a recent experience as they share it with others. It is also an informal way of spreading knowledge through a team and nurturing creativity, as team members discuss topics outside of their day-to-day tasks. Finally, Latte and Learn sessions remind us that our team members are a learning resource and that there are a range of ways of learning.

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The Latte and Learn Community of Practice Meeting

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Meeting Goal

Share learning from a recent experience


  • Author:  Pilar Orti
  • Duration:  30+ minutes
  • Group Size:  10 or fewer
  • Solution Categories:  Remote Teams
  • Meeting Types:  Community of Practice

Agenda Overview

  1. Tune in
  2. Learner sharing
  3. Questions, observations and recommendations
  4. Summary and follow-up steps

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