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Category: Cadence Meetings

You can find an introduction to the Cadence Meetings in Chapter 16 of Where the Action Is.

Cadence meetings include meetings like day-to-day team check-ins, weekly project status meetings, One-on-Ones, and board meetings—all the regularly repeated meetings that make up the vast majority of the meetings held in the modern workplace. These meetings involve existing groups executing on known work. They maintain and shape the organization's current state.

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Elise Keith (2019). At Lucid Meetings, our mission is to make it easy for teams to run successful meetings every day. Teaching teams the skills they need to run successful meetings seems like an obvious way for us to fulfill this mission, which is why we've now opened our first courses to students. We opened Meeting School now because, after over a decade of research and work with high-performing organizations, we know what works.