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Value Stream Mapping Workshop

A value stream map makes it easy to visualize the process used to get value to the customer. Functional teams visualize their group’s work and information flow so that everyone is able to see, understand and improve the making of the product or service. The aim is for the work to flow better for customers and get easier for employees to complete profitably and safely.

Use this meeting agenda template to set up and help guide your team through your next Value Stream Mapping workshop.

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Meeting Goal

Visualize and improve a process


Agenda Overview

  1. Welcome
    1. Workshop Purpose (20 minutes)
    2. Introductions (10 minutes)
    3. Confirm/Present Agenda + Timings (3 minutes)
  2. Level Setting Presentations by Functional Leaders (if needed, MAX 15 min each)
  3. Populate/Confirm Swim Lanes
  4. Present and Critique Swim Lanes


  1. Identify Dependencies and Discuss Solutions

Long Break

  1. Present Dependencies, Solutions, and Counter-Measures


  1. Final Review: Identify Bursts and Prioritize Action list
  2. Final Closing
    1. Confirm Action Items
    2. Address Parking Lot
    3. Decide: Is a future-state VSM justified?
    4. Preview Follow-Up Meeting Schedule and Cascading/Reporting Messages
    5. Plus/Delta

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