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New Leader Introduction: Designing the Relationship with Your Group

Establishing a relationship with your new group or team is simple, common sense, and straight forward. In many organizations, it’s a missing piece in the puzzle called working together.

The facilitator's guide for this template walks you through:

  1. Getting to know each person in a way that allows for safety, permission, and candor in the relationship.
  2. Leading a group meeting to design your relationship with the group.

Meeting Goal

Get to know each other better and define how we want to work together.


Agenda Overview

  1. Get to know each individual
  2. Conversations as a group
    • What can I tell you about myself?
    • Agreements
    • Surfacing & Dealing with Problems
    • Meetings
    • Coaching for the New Leader
    • Other Conversations

Download the Agenda

16-page Facilitator's Guide with tips, step-by-step instructions, & resources

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