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Strategic Planning 5 of 5: Setting Strategies Meeting Template

This template is part of a strategic planning process designed specifically for use with remote participants. This process walks remote teams through creation of the core elements of a strategic plan: vision, mission, values, goals and strategies, resulting in what we call The Essential Strategic Plan.

If you’ve set organizational goals, the next step is to create strategies for achieving each goal. Where goals define what, strategies define how. This meeting maps out a process for setting goal-aligned strategies in about two hours.

During this meeting, you'll lead the group through a brainstorm on strategies for achieving your organizational goals. Then, you'll evaluate these strategies by impact and feasibility, and select a draft set for inclusion in the strategic plan.

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Strategic Planning with Remote Teams Part 5: Goals & Strategies

Meeting Goal

Define strategies.


Agenda Overview

  1. Welcome
  2. Understanding Strategies
  3. Review Goals
  4. Individual Brainstorming
  5. Review Strategy Themes
  6. Evaluate & Select Strategies
  7. Check Draft Strategies
  8. Closing and Next Steps

Download the Agenda

35-page Facilitator's Guide with tips, step-by-step instructions, & resources

PDF printable guide includes:

  • The Essential Strategic Plan
  • Processes and Roles
  • Adaptations
  • Using the Strategy Map
  • The Strategic Vision Meeting
  • The Mission Meeting
  • The Values Meeting
  • The Goal Setting Meeting
  • The Strategies Meeting
  • Strategic Planning Resources

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