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Agile Standup Meeting

How to Run an Agile Standup Meeting

Fast, structured, and to-the-point, the agile stand-up is meant to keep a team fully in-synch on fast moving projects. As you might guess from the name, the "stand-up" was originally designed for teams that would stand up together in front of the board where they track their work using sticky notes.

Most commonly scheduled as a daily meeting, this meeting agenda template adapts the stand-up to a format for remote teams. It is best suited for small teams using an agile development methodology that can't meet in person.

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Meeting Goal

Make and keep commitments to each other, and get help when we're blocked


  • Author:  Elise Keith
  • Duration:  15 minutes or less
  • Group Size:  10 or fewer
  • Solution Categories:  Product Developers
  • Meeting Types:  Team Cadence Meetings

Agenda Overview

  1. Welcome
  2. Team Updates
  3. Review & Close

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