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You can find an introduction to Broadcast Meetings in Chapter 34 of Where the Action Is. These resources will help you plan, run, and troubleshoot the specific Broadcast Meetings your team needs.


A Broadcast Meeting is used by teams when they need to share information with a large group, either internally or externally.

Questions Answered

  • What do we know that we feel should be shared with our larger group?
  • With the outside world?


  • Marketing Webinar
  • Press Conference
  • Team Announcement
  • All-Hands Announcement


  • To share information that inspires (or prevents) action.

Work Outcomes

  • Knowledge distribution.
  • Improved or repaired reputation.
  • New sales leads.
  • Improved group cohesion.

Human Outcomes

  • Awareness of what’s available from other organizations.
  • Awareness of what’s happening in your organization.
  • Feeling of “being in the know” and part of the group.

Lucid Blog Posts

Elise Keith (2019). At Lucid Meetings, our mission is to make it easy for teams to run successful meetings every day. Teaching teams the skills they need to run successful meetings seems like an obvious way for us to fulfill this mission, which is why we've now opened our first courses to students. We opened Meeting School now because, after over a decade of research and work with high-performing organizations, we know what works.

Glossary of Meeting Terms

General Term

Toastmasters is an international organization dedicated to helping people become better public speakers. Membership is open to anyone who wants to become a more confident public speaker.

Meeting Type

A webinar is a seminar, training session, or other broadcast conducted over the Internet. Webinars feature one or more central speakers presenting information to a large group of registered attendees. While...