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Reaching Decisions by Consent and Compromise

An effective meeting should build alignment and commitment to any decisions. Different approaches to reaching decisions can be more/less useful in building commitment. And different approaches require different meeting actions.

Consent and compromise are two of these ways of reaching a decision with a group. Explain that in reaching consent, everyone should comment on the decision. By consenting to a decision, each person is saying that s/he can live with the decision. It does not have to be perfect, but “good enough.” In most cases, a compromise is a consent decision as it may not have the same level of support that a consensus decision would have.

This meeting agenda template can be used to create a stand-alone meeting dedicated to reaching consent on a decision, or incorporated into longer meetings covering additional topics.

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Meeting Goal

To arrive at a decision that all can explicitly consent to, even if this is a compromise.


Agenda Overview

  1. Welcome
  2. The Proposed Decision
  3. Clarify Replies
  4. Revise the Proposal (optional)
  5. Check for Agreement
  6. Document Decisions and Next Steps

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