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Boards & Committees

Boards and committees provide fiduciary oversight, influence strategy, drive programs, oversee management, and guard against undue risks or compliance violations; big responsibilities carried out primarily in meetings.

Boards and committees find Lucid a natural fit for the work they do. We help you:

  • Easily assemble and distribute agenda materials
  • Keep discussions focused and results-oriented
  • Learn how to run a board meeting with ease
  • Simplify record keeping
  • Automate the creation of your board meeting minutes

The Meeting Agenda Templates

Every time you set up a meeting, you start with a meeting template. Build your own or start with one of these templates from the Lucid Meetings Template Gallery.

Board Meetings

Accelerate preparation for your next board meeting by starting with one of these pre-built board meeting templates.


Create a standard template for each committee, or a standard committee template every chair can adapt as needed.

Case Studies

Featured Customers

Since we don’t have to switch around between different sharing tools and conference lines from meeting to meeting or from one agenda item to the next, each director always knows how to get online for our meetings and we don’t have delays while we wait for people to get onto the right tool.

Pat Scatena
Corporate Secretary, Intel Alumni Association