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Boards and Committees

Boards and committees provide fiduciary oversight, influence strategy, drive programs, oversee management, and guard against undue risks or compliance violations; big responsibilities carried out primarily in meetings.

Boards and committees find Lucid a natural fit for the work they do. We help you:

  • Easily assemble and distribute agenda materials
  • Keep discussions focused and results-oriented
  • Learn how to run a board meeting with ease
  • Simplify record keeping
  • Automate the creation of your board meeting minutes

The Meeting Agenda Templates

Every time you set up a meeting, you start with a meeting template. Build your own or start with one of these templates from the Lucid Meetings Template Gallery.

Case Studies

Featured Customers

Whenever there is a bug or problem, Lucid is very responsive. I needed a way to get members into meetings fast, and Lucid’s public link feature solved this issue.

Josh Cohen
Committee Chairman, OSDI