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Press Releases

Date Title Summary
11/03/2016 Lucid Announces the Effective Meeting Results Program: Training, Tools, and Mentorship for Guaranteed Results Lucid Meetings announces the Effective Meeting Results Program - a fast track to results in meetings with strategies customized for your business.
10/13/2016 Lucid Meetings Named on the Constellation ShortList for Meeting Management Tools Lucid Meetings announced today it was named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Meeting Management Tools. With 52 percent of the Fortune 500 turning over since 2000, success requires a rethink around the core mission and business model of an organization. The companies included on the Constellation ShortList provide the key functionality and requirements for early adopters pursuing digital transformation initiatives.
04/19/2016 Lucid Meetings Adds Support for Recurring Meetings with Automated Agendas Lucid Meetings introduces support for scheduling repeating team meetings using a professional meeting template, making this the fastest and easiest way set up an effective meeting cadence.
03/29/2016 Lucid Meetings Adds Four New Meeting Templates for Reaching Decisions with a Group Lucid Meetings announces the latest in a series of expert meeting templates that allow meeting leaders to use proven techniques to make effective decisions.
03/02/2016 Lucid Meetings Announces Expert Webinar Series Lucid Meetings to co-host a series of webinars with renowned experts focused on specialized meeting planning methods.
02/16/2016 Lucid Meetings Adds Four New Meeting Templates Customized for Boards of Directors and Committees Lucid Meetings announces the latest in a series of meeting templates that simplify the process of running structured Board or Committee Meetings.
02/03/2016 Lucid Meetings Adds New Meeting Template for Managers to Clear Complaints With Ease Lucid Meetings announces the latest in a series of meeting templates that allows leaders to work with employees to tackle questions or complaints using a structured protocol.
01/07/2016 Lucid Meetings Releases Updated Statistics about Meetings in the US Lucid Meetings extensively researched the number, effectiveness and cost of business meetings in the United States and found that most statistics are quoted incorrectly.
11/18/2015 Lucid Meetings Announces a Complete, Universal Audio Solution for Online Conferencing Lucid Meetings deployed an integrated service that blends traditional telephone, computer audio, and conference call management all in one cohesive conferencing system.
10/29/2015 Lucid Meetings Adds Strategic Planning Templates For Remote Teams Lucid Meetings is pleased to announce the latest in a series of meeting templates that enable remote teams to conduct strategic planning online.