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What is a Plus-Delta?

+ / Δ

Plus-Delta provides a quick way to gather feedback at the end of an exercise or meeting. The questions are designed to encourage candid feedback by using “improvement” language rather than language that might be considered too negative for some participants. People share the pluses from the event—what went well and should be continued or taken further going forward—and the deltas, or what they would recommend changing for future meetings.

Here's how it works.

  1. Set up a place to record feedback:
    The facilitator sets up a board or online document with two sections. They write a plus (+) at the top of one, and the Greek letter delta (Δ) at the top of the other.
  2. Ask for Pluses:
    The facilitator asks the group what specifically they felt worked well. People volunteer answers, which the facilitator writes down in the plus (+) column.
  3. Ask for Deltas:
    Then, the facilitator asks the group what one thing they would have changed to improve the session. These answers are written in the delta (Δ) column.

Meeting organizers then use this feedback to change how they lead future meetings, keeping the practices that worked well for everyone and making changes based on the suggested deltas.

Note: The Lucid Meetings platform builds a version of the Plus/Δ exercise into every meeting in the automated meeting feedback survey shown to participants once the meeting ends.

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