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The Meeting Innovation Company

Our Mission:
Make it easy for teams to run successful meetings every day.

The Problem We Work to Solve

Everyone meets, and at some level, everyone struggles to meet well. In the past, most businesses could get away with leaving leaders to figure out their meetings on their own.

Not anymore. Today's knowledge-based economy thrives on rapid information flow, agility, and change. Interdependent teams tackling increasingly complex work must meet well to keep up. Otherwise, teams suffer too much time wasted in unproductive meetings, preventing them from achieving their goals.

Research shows that the way an organization meets impacts:

  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Productivity
  • Decision making quality and velocity
  • Top line business performance

You don't need research to tell you that, of course, because if you've been in a bad meeting, you know.

Great meetings propel performance. Bad meetings drag performance down. We work to solve the problem of the chronically bad meetings that prevent organization's from achieving their best.

Our Focus

Unlike the many facilitators and coaches we work with, our focus is not on how to design and run one productive meeting. Instead, we focus on the underlying systems that make successful meetings a regular part of your organization's culture.

That's why organizations that want successful meetings every day, not just on special occasions, turn to us.

Over the past 10 years, we've worked with thousands of organizations to make it easier for them to run successful meetings.

We began by creating software that embeds basic best practices and automates the administrative work involved in scaling a great meeting habit. Our meeting management software is used by teams that have a defined process and need ways to make it more efficient.

Then, we focused on providing online guidance for leaders seeking better ways to run specific meetings, all in collaboration with a global community of meeting experts. A system of successful meetings includes many well-designed individual meetings, giving teams access to the right meeting at the right time.

Now, we continue bringing new meeting solutions to organizations big and small, including our meeting culture diagnostic and Meeting School online training.

Our Company

Lucid Meetings and Meeting School are properties of Second Rise, LLC. We're a remote-first company with headquarters in Portland, OR and team members across the U.S. and Europe.

Our small core team works in collaboration with specialists and experts across the globe, allowing us to scale and achieve global impact.

Second Rise is a majority woman owned business.