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Change Your Meeting Culture — Fast

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Meetings are complex and culture change is hard. Most teams that try to change their meetings make a bit of initial progress, only to have it fizzle away over time.

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Results That Stick Around

This program is designed to get your team over the critical performance line in 3 months or less, so you can see results immediately and establish a solid foundation for scaling your performance over time.

the quickstart gets teams to a level 3 mpmm performance within 3 months

What the Program Delivers

The Meeting Performance Transformation Program includes everything a team needs to:

  • Evaluate their current meetings, identify target areas for improvement, and measure results.
    Program participants learn to evaluate their existing meetings using science-backed success criteria.
  • Learn the science and practice of effective meetings.
    Participants will learn what the research from neuroscience, behavioral economics, and team performance reveals about meetings, and how high-performing companies like Amazon, Pixar and others ensure their meetings get results.
  • Establish clear expectations for meetings going forward.
    Participants jointly create new meeting agreements they’ll use to guide their own meeting performance throughout the program and beyond.
  • Design the specific meetings they need to achieve their goals.
    Participants create meeting flow models describing exactly which meetings they need to run in order to achieve their goals. They then cancel unnecessary meetings so they can focus on improving the important meetings that matter most.
  • Gain the skills and practice necessary to design and run those meetings successfully.
    Working in small teams, participants create a meeting template that they can use to run an excellent meeting going forward. Each team designs a different meeting, then shares these designs for the whole group to use.
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Oh, and it's fun. Who says working on meetings has to be boring?

Program Content

The transformation program includes:

  • Initial Evaluation
    Work with our experts to discuss your needs and identify opportunities to customize this program for your team. Then, get a report of the "before" state of your team meetings using our Meeting Performance Maturity Assessment model.
  • The Successful Meetings Quickstart Workshop
    Delivered live online or onsite
    Get your whole team involved in changing your meetings for the better in a fun, inspiring workshop tailored for your organization. In this workshop, you will:
    1. Engage the whole team as you uncover what does and doesn't work in the way you meet today.
    2. Make new agreements about how you'll meet moving forward.
    3. Outline the key meetings the team needs to run well to achieve your goals.
    4. Get hands-on practice with simple meeting techniques you can use going forward.
    5. Identify practical next steps and owners who will take charge of implementing your team's new agreements.
    6. Create measurable adoption targets and commit to a check-in date for assessing results.
  • Enrollment in the "Essential Skills for Effective Meetings" Online Course
    Build on the momentum created in the workshop and ensure your team has the practical skills they need to get results in this practical on-demand course. Teams design a custom meeting template as the final project in this course.
  • Six Design Intensive Sessions
    Each 60-minute live session explores a different aspect of meeting performance, and provides opportunities for hands-on practice. Then, following each session, our experts reserve an additional 30 minutes to answer questions and provide directed solutions to your unique meeting challenges.
  • Post-Program Evaluation and Reporting
    Get a report of the "after" state of your team meetings using our Meeting Performance Maturity Assessment, plus our and your team's observations from throughout the program.

Program Duration and Time Investment

The Program takes three months to complete.

Participants have the opportunity to engage through live workshops, course work, and group calls. Participants also apply what they’re learning to everyday business meetings, giving each one many opportunities to practice and refine what they’re learning throughout the program.

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Clients Results

Getting more done with less stress

"We're always stretched thin and forced to just react because we never have time to get ahead of things. That started to change right away. After the workshops, we saw how this was going to save us lots of time in the future and my team got so excited that after our last call, they all stayed an extra hour to keep working on getting our meetings just right."

Shockingly productive meetings with clients and vendors

"We had a game-changer meeting with our lawyer last week. In the past, we’d maybe get through two topics in an hour with him, and then afterward, any action items we thought we agreed to never seemed to stick. This time, we knew how to come prepared. We got through nine items with time to spare, documented our results, and followed through to make sure all the action items were complete within two weeks. Boy was he surprised! Since he charges by the hour, I'm not sure he was happy about it - but we sure are!"

No more employee complaints about meetings

"I couldn't be more thrilled with this program. Not only have the complaints stopped, but the people who were complaining before are now stepping up and taking ownership. They’re writing their own agendas, making plans, making suggestions, and holding each other accountable. It's really been empowering, especially for our junior staff."