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Successful Meetings Quickstart Workshop

This program is for businesses and teams that know they need to communicate better and want a fast, effective way to get started.

Results seen by recent clients include a rapid increase in work momentum, shockingly productive conversations with clients and vendors, and the disappearance of employee complaints about meetings.

pics from past workshops
Oh, and it's fun. Who says working on meetings has to be boring?

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Half-Day Workshops

Our half-day workshops teach practical meeting skills through hands-on activities and get everyone thinking critically about how to make the most of each meeting. Every workshop is customized to the needs of the client. Popular workshops include:

  • High-Performing Team Meetings
    In this collaborative workshop, teams learn the essential elements of great meetings in high-performing teams, then work together to identify specific practices they'll adopt going forward using our simple meeting design process.
  • Meet By Design: Using Science to Run Great Meetings
    Explore findings from psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, and team performance studies interactively as a group, then practice using simple meeting techniques that build on these insights to get everyone engaged and make everyday business meetings productive.

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