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A collaborative project bringing enthusiasts together
to identify and categorize meeting technology.

The Plan

Step 1 - NOW: Add tech to the list

We're building a list of meeting technologies using MeetingSphere. Add technologies we've missed and comment on those already here.

Step 2 - March 7: Start adding draft categories

Working asynchronously with the group, put the technologies into draft categories. Categories look like little folders in MeetingSphere.

Heads up: this part might get messy. That's ok.

Step 3 - March 10: Live meeting to establish the process for categorization.

We hopped on a Zoom call and worked through a first-pass discussion of the categories. We enjoyed a spirited discussion and came away better informed about the magnitude of the task! We also left with the need to some offline work and another live meeting.

Step 4 - March 18: Live meeting to achieve consensus on the categories.

More pre-work to review the technologies already added to the MeetingSphere, then meeting to brainstorm together and make some decisions.

Step 5 - March 25: Enjoy the results!

We'll export the results from MeetingSphere and the recording from our live session, then post them for participants.


What kind of meeting technology do you want in the list?

Hardware or software used by business teams and facilitators before, during, and after their meetings, in support of those meetings. Only list technology currently available for use today; no "coming soon" technologies or zombie tech from days of yore.

Add technologies designed for working teams, including teams from all sectors and levels (so everything from the informal chat to the board meeting).

We aren't as interested in technology designed primarily for large-scale events or flashy conferences.

Are you collecting technology reviews or rankings?

No. This project seeks to build a list and define categories. That's it.

We are collecting descriptive information about each technology so that everyone can make decisions about those categories. We're not attempting to gather feature lists or anything exhaustive, though; just enough detail so everyone can get an idea about what the technology is and how it's used.

Aren't you going to use this information for your own marketing?

You bet! And we're committed to sharing the raw data with everyone who participates, so you can too.

Do you want to make sure everyone gets accurate information about your favorite technology? Please contribute and help everyone get the story right.

Why should I work with potential competitors?

Seriously? Do you really come up against direct competitors in your sales calls?

We rarely do. It turns out there are plenty of bad meetings, ineffective teams, and lousy strategies to go around.

Instead, our biggest barrier to new sales is a lack of basic awareness. Very few people realize that technologies like ours exist. Fewer still realize they can hire experts who will help them get amazing results using technology. Most people have no idea how transformative what we all do can be for their productivity, creativity, and culture.

We believe in the power of working together to solve problems. While our approaches differ, this belief is something we all share. This project is an experiment to see if we can work together and solve our biggest problem by building better awareness.

Other questions? contact us and we'll answer.