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Businesses run on meetings. When you bring us to speak at your event or company, your audience will learn how to make their meetings more productive, more joyful, and more successful. Audiences leave inspired and informed with actionable strategies for improving their meetings right away.

Oh, and we're fun. Who says a talk about meetings has to be boring?

Topics Include

  • 3 Steps to Banishing Bad Meetings
    Best for leaders, managers, directors, and business owners
  • Meet by Design: Using Science to Run Awesome Team Meetings
    Best for managers, team members, and development specialists
  • The ROI of Effective Meetings
    Best for those looking to focus and measure the impact of meetings
  • You Are How You Meet: How High-Performing Teams Use Meetings to Embed the Culture they Want
    Best for People and Culture professionals, managers, and business owners.

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Every workshop is customized to the needs of the client. Popular workshops include:

  • Healthy Team Meetings
    A done-for-and-with-you collaborative workshop for teams of 12 to 20 people. Teams learn the essential elements of great meetings, then work together to design the core meetings they'll run going forward using our simple meeting design process.
  • Team Meetings That Work
    A workshop for team leaders and those in charge of leading internal meetings. Meeting leaders learn the essential elements of great meetings, then work in small groups to design and refine strategies they can each take back to their team's meetings.
  • Meeting Operating System Design
    Our most comprehensive and intensive workshop, this workshop introduces leaders and business process professionals to the core elements of effective meetings, the taxonomy of business meetings, and how to design a system of related meetings to achieve business goals. Participants walk away with strategies for immediate application in their current business meetings, and extensive resources for implementing a high-performing meeting operating system in their organizations.

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Assessments, Audits, and Consulting


Great for organizations that want to improve meetings, but don't know where to start or how to measure that improvement.

Work with a Lucid specialist to move beyond assumptions and guesswork and discover how your organization truly meets today. Assessment reports include both quantitative and qualitative data, and recommendations for future improvement.


How does your organization support effective meetings, and what resources are you missing? Work with a Lucid specialist to evaluate your current physical meeting spaces, meeting technology, educational material, and employee evaluation criteria. Audits are often conducted in conjunction with a meeting assessment.


Work directly with a meeting expert focused on your unique meeting situation.

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