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Meeting School:
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Learn the meeting skills and systems that deliver results.

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Meeting Management Software

All your meeting results organized in one place.

Lucid Meetings Learn More

Meeting Performance Transformation

Ready to bring meeting excellence to your team?

Transformation results Learn More

Elise Keith:
Where the Action Is

The Meetings That Make or Break Your Organization

Where the Action Is Learn More

Elise Keith:
Donde está la acción

Las reuniones que unen o rompen su organización

Donde está la acción Buy the Book!

10 Science-Backed Rules for Meaningful Meetings

A Crash Course in the Science and Practice of Great Meetings

Science-backed rules course Learn More

Discover, Interview, and Hire Amazing Remote People

Hire the qualified remote candidates you need

Hire amazing remote people Learn More

Mind Reading for Managers

Conversations for Greater Employee Engagement and Productivity

Mind reading for managers Learn More

Practical Service Blueprinting

Facilitate your first service blueprinting session!

Practical Service Blueprinting Learn More

Essential Skills for Effective Meetings

Includes all six core competencies for mastery.

Core competencies course Learn More

How to Know Why You're Meeting

This is the first of the six core competencies you need.

Core competencies course Learn More

How To Lead Engaging Meetings

The what, why and how of creating engaging meetings

Engaging meetings course Learn More

How To Engage Distant Participants

How to get remote attendees fully involved in your meetings.

Engaging distant participants Learn More

How to Assess & Improve Meeting Leadership Skills

Discover the surprising science of meetings

The science of meetings Learn More

How to Design and Run Your First Workshop

For Business Owners & Subject Matter Experts

with Helene Jewell Learn More

How to Run an Artificial Intelligence Strategy Workshop

Everything you need to create a strategic AI roadmap in a day

AI strategy workship course Learn More

How to Get Hired as a Facilitator

Attract Great Clients and Get the Contract Signed

Get hired as a facilitator Learn More