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Online Meeting Service Solves Problem of Managing Project Meetings

Portland, OR, USA 07/25/2011 -- Lucid Meetings launched a new release today to solve the problem of how to hold and manage effective project meetings. Unlike today's online meeting solutions that focus on presentations, Lucid Meetings helps project and program managers by supporting meeting preparation, facilitating a collaborative in-meeting experience, centralizing a team's meeting records, and automating the distribution of meeting notes and action items.

While the service is useful for any group or team that holds recurring meetings, Lucid Meetings focuses on supporting project and program managers that manage cross-functional teams. Using Lucid Meetings, project and program managers benefit from features that make it easy to:

  • Combine meeting collaboration, teleconferencing, and presentations all in one; no need to juggle multiple tools
  • Structure and focus meetings to keep them on track
  • Re-use templates and collaborate on agendas/notes to reduce administrative overhead
  • Capture and document decisions
  • Keep records of who was involved in discussions
  • Automate complete meeting records useful for audits, certifications (SEI CMMI, ISO, and others), finance and accounting (SOX compliance), and legal purposes.
  • Track action items and due dates
  • Follow built-in best practices
  • Respect team members' time by leading efficient, effective meetings

Abraham Harrison, a leading social media public relations firm, uses the service to manage critical executive meetings with employees scattered around the globe. Mark Harrison, CEO of Abraham Harrison, said "Lucid Meetings helps organize a virtual company's meetings well."

The simple, easy to use, and powerful service is sold on a monthly subscription basis with no commitment or risk. For pricing, see our pricing page at lucidmeetings.com/pricing

About Lucid Meetings (www.lucidmeetings.com)

The privately held company is a based in Portland, OR, and was founded by four partners, all with extensive, successful start-up experience. Lucid Meetings believes that meetings are important and necessary for organizations to move projects and activities forward. They are vital in ensuring progress. But in today's increasingly virtual work environments, meetings are difficult and demanding and to few people have the skills to manage them. Hence the need for a new and different kind of online meeting service.