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What is TRIZ?

There are multiple meeting and thinking techniques called TRIZ.

Liberating Structures describes TRIZ as meeting exercise designed to help groups identify counterproductive things they may be doing and find ways to stop (let go) the unhelpful activities. TRIZ operates on the same underlying principles of a Pre-Mortem and Reverse Brainstorming, all of which make it possible for a group to bring up uncomfortable but important negative challenges in their work in a fun, supportive atmosphere.

Mindtools and others say that TRIZ is a (Russian) acronym for the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving,", and that it is a technique used to help people find solutions to problems when they get stuck. In this practice, the team starts with their specific problem, then lists a general problem that is similar to their specific problem. By looking at the solutions to the general problem, they often find a solution they can adapt for their specific problem.

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