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What is a Strategic War Room?

The Strategic War Room, contributed by Krister Forsberg, provides a way for leadership teams to come to a common understanding of insights about the organization. When complete, leaders get a comprehensive view (both mentally and pictorially) of the organization's strategies, goals, key stakeholders and delivery milestones. The Strategic War Room is metaphorical; a virtual "room" built by the leadership team over the course of several facilitated strategic workshops. When complete, the Strategic War Room will have 5 maps on its walls:

  1. The Business Environment Map, showing trends and events in the delivery chain, customers, suppliers, partners, competitors, owners, the financial market, the labour market, the authorities, and other actors in the organisation's business environment.
  2. The Delivery Map, which includes the most important deliveries in goods, services and information from and to the nearest stakeholders.
  3. The Stakeholder Map which identifies the most important stakeholders.
  4. The Goal Map, including the most important performance and capability goals.
  5. The Strategy Map, outlining the most important strategies.
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