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What is the Lotus Blossom Technique?

The Lotus Blossom Technique is a structured brainstorming exercise used to expand on a central idea or problem. Teams place the original problem statement in the center box in a 3x3 matrix, then add related themes or elements of the problem in the 8 boxes surrounding it. After filling out this central box, 8 new grids are created with an idea from the first grid in the center. The process repeats, with the team adding 8 ideas for each of the 8 initial aspects from the first grid.

For example, here is one way a team might start brainstorming ways to run better meetings using the Lotus Blossom Technique.

Time to PrepClearIntentionTime to PrepSmart Use ofTimeRight PeopleBetterMeetingsDocumentedResultsRight ProcessFunSharedNormsClearIntentionRight PeopleRight ProcessFunSharedNormsDocumentedResultsSmart Use ofTime
Example of filling out the first grid and using the initial themes to organize ideas in new grids.
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