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To run better meetings, you need to get specific.

What works for one meeting doesn't necessarily work in another; what works for other organizations may not work for yours.

Do you need to meet differently?

If any of these sound like the meetings in your organization:

  • Meetings fail to get results, or when they do, the results don't last.
  • People don't engage or pay attention in meetings.
  • Meetings are toxic, leaving people feeling drained, frustrated, and unhappy.
  • Everyone spends way more time dealing with meetings than they should, keeping them from completing other work.

Then your organization hasn't yet discovered the way to meet that meets your needs.

Meeting performance drives organizational performance.

Research has shown that the way an organization meets impacts:

  • Productivity levels and work velocity:
    Meetings can either interrupt and block progress - or -
    Reduce friction and speed up delivery times.
  • Employee engagement and retention:
    Meetings can frustrate and alienate employees - or -
    Increase employee commitment to the organization's success.
  • Decision quality:
    Meetings can delay decision making or produce decisions that have very weak support - or -
    Apply consistent, critical quality checks that ensure that important decisions get made efficiently and get done.
  • Revenue growth and organizational scalability:
    Meetings can waste time, energy and resources - or -
    Put laser focus on driving the organizations strategic priorities.

To tune your meetings to fit your organizational needs, you have to go beyond the basics. Simple advice like "use an agenda" and "stay on time" won't cut it.

We can help. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more, or read on for details.

A Whole-Systems Approach to Meetings

To harness the power of effective meetings in your workplace, you need to adopt a tailored approach to the critical meetings in your business; one that takes into consideration what each meeting needs to achieve, how this impacts resources, and the dynamic complexities unique to your workplace.

Meetings that are good for government work differently than good meetings in manufacturing, which work differently still than meetings in small business. There is no one-size-fits-all.

The Effective Meeting Results Program helps you define a high-performance meeting operating system tailored for your business.

How It Works

There are four phases in the Effective Meeting Results Program.

Phase 1: Assessment

Identify the strengths and weakness of your current meeting practices and benchmark the level of meeting maturity within the organization.

Phase 2: Design

Get optimized designs for your high priority meetings and training for your team in the facilitation skills they need to succeed, then set up infrastructure tailored to support your new process.

Phase 3: Implementation

Adopt and refine your new system with hands-on coaching to ensure that your teams integrate the new tools and skills into the fabric of every meeting.

Phase 4: Mastery

Monitor and regularly evaluate meetings to build a continuous improvement mindset into your meeting operations. Senior management can track key metrics and celebrate the results.

Want to learn if this program is for you?

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