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Effective Meetings = Competitive Edge

Work happens in meetings. At least it should.

We make decisions, agree or disagree, review what we've done before and make plans for the future.

Or do you find that your team tends to repeat what was said in the last meeting? Make decisions more than once? Stay quiet and disengage?

As leaders and managers, it's your job to align your team to achieve the organization's priorities and make sure these meetings go well.

Did you know that research has proven that teams that know how to meet well will consistently outperform their competitors? If your teams are not running meetings properly, your business will suffer, period.

Most leaders don’t know how to fix their organization's meetings. They don’t have the time or expertise to change ingrained habits while keeping up with everything else.

A Real-World, Step-by-Step Solution

The Effective Meeting Results Program fast tracks results with strategies customized for your business and live training for internal meeting leaders.

Then, our experts help run your early meetings to get things underway more quickly.

This program delivers by taking a multi-pronged approach by combining:

  • Facilitation training (just a few techniques can seriously improve your meetings game)
  • Analysis and change management help
  • Meeting management technology recommendations
  • Meeting execution help (we run the meetings with you, until you are comfortable on your own)
  • Monitoring and mentoring

Who this Program is For

The Effective Meeting Results Program is designed for busy leaders seeking a significant improvement in meeting outcomes.

If you’ve ever:

  • felt like there must be a better way, if you could just find the time to focus on it
  • tried to make a change by posting new rules or sending people for training, only to have the old meeting habits come back
  • wished your team could get along, actively participate, and be accountable

then this program is for you!

Program Results

For customers engaged in The Effective Meeting Results program, we:

  • Identify the right meeting strategy for your business
  • Teach your team how to run your company's meetings well
  • Establish technology and coaching systems that ensure a successful transition to best practices
  • Reinvigorate your meetings and transform them into a source of leadership development and organizational health.

The Program, and the Process

1) Clarify: Gather data. Set Priorities. Discover blind spots.

Why: Uncover the true costs of your current meetings and know where to start the change process.

2) Create: Redesign meeting infrastructure.

Why: Custom agenda templates and a state of the art meeting platform take the guesswork out of planning your meetings.

3) Train: Teams learn the software and how to apply basic facilitation skills.

Why: We train your teams so they can consistently deliver results, meeting after meeting.

4) Master: Adopt the approach. Practice. Build confidence.

Why: Hands-on coaching to ensures that your teams integrate the new tools and facilitation skills into the fabric of every meeting.

5) Integrate: Monitor, learn and grow

Why: Teams can continuously assess and improve their effectiveness. Senior management can track key metrics.

Download the one-page PDF brochure:

Effective Meeting Results Program

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