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What are "Annual Passes?"

Annual passes, working in conjunction with the monthly on-demand pricing, are used to lower your overall cost by prepaying for a certain number of meeting hosts.

If you're looking for month-to-month stability in your billing, or you'd simply like to reduce your overall meeting software expense, consider adding annual passes to your account (you can add annual passes to your billing account at any time).

If you're unsure about the number of active meeting hosts you'll need, we suggest you work with the service for a while, find your base level of usage, and purchase annual passes for that committed level of activity.

If you have more active meeting hosts in a given month than the prepaid number, we'll only bill you for the difference. We do not credit for usage that falls below the number of prepaid annual passes, however, which is why we recommend starting small and establishing your baseline need.

You Save Nearly 30% with Annual Passes

Number of Hosts On-Demand
(Monthly Billing)
12 Months
Prepaid Passes
(Annual Billing)
Your Annual
1 Meeting Host$12.50$150$108$42
2 Meeting Hosts$25.00$300$216$84
3 Meeting Hosts$37.50$450$324$126
4 Meeting Hosts$50.00$600$432$168
5 Meeting Hosts$62.50$750$540$210
6 Meeting Hosts$75.00$900$648$252
7 Meeting Hosts$87.50$1,050$756$294
8 Meeting Hosts$100.00$1,200$864$336
9 Meeting Hosts$112.50$1,350$972$378
10 Meeting Hosts$125.00$1,500$1,080$420

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