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Comparison of On-Demand vs. Annual Pass Pricing

Two months free with annual payment — a 16.67 percent discount!

Package On-Demand
(Monthly Billing)
Monthly Cost per
On-Demand Host
Prepaid Passes
(Annual Billing)
Monthly Cost per
Prepaid Host
1 Meeting Host$19$19.00$190$15.83$38
3 Meeting Hosts$39$13.00$390$10.83$78
5 Meeting Hosts$59$11.80$590$9.83$118
10 Meeting Hosts$99$9.90$990$8.25$198
25 Meeting Hosts$229$9.16$2,290$7.63$458
50 Meeting Hosts$399$7.98$3,990$6.65$798
100 Meeting Hosts$699$6.99$6,990$5.83$1,398

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