Meeting Cost vs. Value Received

30 180

2 20

10 150

Did this meeting get us closer to our goal?

Grade Definition
A Very important for my work to proceed
B Helped me make progress on my work
C Didn't help me with my work, but it didn't interrupt anything important either
D Interrupted my work and provided no new help
F Actively prevented me from getting important work done, and has made it harder to get back on track

Cost & Value Comparison

Inspect the results below to get a sense for how different meetings can impact an organization.

Calculated organizational cost: $350

Grade Score Meeting Value Net Value What This Means
    A-2.66$931$581Very high performing team
    B+2.33$816$466High performing team
    B2.00$700$350Very enjoyable team
    B-1.67$585$235Enjoyable team
    C+1.33$466$116Average team
    C1.00$350$0Average team
    C-0.67$235$-116Average team
    D+-1.67$-585$-935Team in distress
    D-2.00$-700$-1,050Team in distress
    D--2.33$-816$-1,166Dysfunctional team
    F+-2.67$-935$-1,285Dysfunctional team
    F-3.00$-1,050$-1,400Abysmal failure

Last updated: 11/14/2015

To learn more about the variables and rules used to calculate these costs, see our blog post Measuring the Cost and Value of Meetings: Part III - Determining Meeting Value . To report errors or suggest additions to this calculator, Contact Us.