Meeting Cost vs. Value

This calculator explores the cost-to-value impact of a meeting based on the average meeting grade assessed by participants. The rationale: a meeting that everyone ranks as extremely helpful saves time and money by making sure that people have clear next steps and no roadblocks. On the other hand, if the meeting drags and doesn't reach any strong conclusions, the team loses the time spent in that meeting and also pays an added penalty for interrupting people's work.

30 180

2 20

10 150

Did this meeting get us closer to our goal?

Grade Definition
A Very important for my work to proceed
B Helped me make progress on my work
C Didn't help me with my work, but it didn't interrupt anything important either
D Interrupted my work and provided no new help
F Actively prevented me from getting important work done, and has made it harder to get back on track

Cost & Value Comparison

Inspect the results below to get a sense for how different meetings can impact an organization.

Calculated organizational cost: $350

Grade Score Meeting Value Net Value What This Means
    A-2.66$931$581Very high performing team
    B+2.33$816$466High performing team
    B2.00$700$350Very enjoyable team
    B-1.67$585$235Enjoyable team
    C+1.33$466$116Average team
    C1.00$350$0Average team
    C-0.67$235$-116Average team
    D+-1.67$-585$-935Team in distress
    D-2.00$-700$-1,050Team in distress
    D--2.33$-816$-1,166Dysfunctional team
    F+-2.67$-935$-1,285Dysfunctional team
    F-3.00$-1,050$-1,400Abysmal failure

Last updated: 11/14/2015

To learn more about the variables and rules used to calculate these costs, see our blog post Measuring the Cost and Value of Meetings: Part III - Determining Meeting Value . To report errors or suggest additions to this calculator, Contact Us.