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Lucid Meetings creates accountability and enables instant follow up to accomplish goals faster with online meeting notes, team scheduling, action items, screen sharing, agenda templates and permanently accessible meeting records for distributed or remote teams.

See how easy it is to run a Lucid Meeting

Scheduling a Meeting

Screenshot: Scheduling a meeting time with participants

When planning a meeting, half the battle is finding a time to meet. With our online scheduling tool, meeting organizers can poll participants to determine the best meeting time for everyone. Now there's no need to spend time sending out multiple dates and emails to coordinate schedules!

Create an agenda

Screenshot: Previewing an agenda before a meeting

Once you set the time and date for your meeting, you can quickly create an agenda online by either copying a previous meeting or opting to create a new one. You can then invite people by selecting them from the previous participants list or add new people by entering their email addresses.

Sending Meeting Invitations

Screenshot: Sending email and calendar invitations

Almost like a meeting wizard, Lucid prompts you when it's time to send invitations for your meeting. The editable email invitation includes basic meeting information, the agenda, and other invitees. People can RSVP using their desktop calendar or by visiting the meeting online.

Taking Notes

Screenshot: Taking notes during a meeting

Take notes online during your meeting, and they'll automatically appear in the exportable meeting record. Each meeting can have a single record-keeper, or for the most collaborative meeting, organizers can let everyone take notes. Facilitators can edit notes after the meeting to make sure the meeting record accurately reflects the discussion, then send them out to participants with the click of a button.

Meeting Presentations

Screenshot: Viewing a PowerPoint presentation in a meeting

Share documents and images during your meeting, and everyone will see the same page at the same time. Users can zoom-in for a better view, and any notes taken during a presentation will include a record of the page showing at the time. No downloads or plugins are required.

Screen Sharing

Screenshot: Using Glance to share a screen during a meeting

Presenters can share their screen during the meeting using the integrated tools provided by Glance, which appears within the agenda item under discussion. People can click to zoom-in for a better view and take notes during the presentation. The presenter can also give another person in the meeting remote access to their desktop if desired.

Meeting Record

Screenshot: The notes and log from a meeting and export formats

After your meeting, you can review the meeting transcript and export the meeting record to file elsewhere. Once facilitators have made any necessary corrections, they can immediately send a follow-up email to all meeting participants with a link to the online meeting record and a list of any action items assigned during the meeting.

Meeting Reports and Metrics

Screenshot: The notes and log from a meeting and export formats

Because all meetings in Lucid are cloud-based, we're able to provide online meeting metrics and analytics. Administrators can see a roll-up of meetings, people, documents and action items for any team meeting room. Action item reports are also viewable across an entire organization.


Screenshot: Search results showing notes from past meetings

Search gives you quick access to the specific meeting records you need. Use the search to quickly review all action items, find an important decision from a past meeting, or pull up previous meeting records.

Why Lucid?

What’s Your Meeting ROI?

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The Cost of People's Time

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How Best Practices Pay Off

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What People Are Saying

Just Some of the Great Companies Using Lucid Meetings

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Conference. Communicate. Collaborate.

Professional Meeting Prep

Easy meeting templates, scheduling support across time zones, invitations, and documents posted in advance, all ready for your next meeting.

Powerful Collaboration

Document presentations, screen sharing, conference calling, chat, and collaborative note taking make it easy to capture the key points in real time.


Automated minutes, email follow-up and publication to your system of record ensure your meeting results get to the people who need them.

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For anyone who has to meet


Distribute reports

Prepare the agenda in advance and distribute to team members.

  • Attach files and links directly to an agenda item
  • Walk through PDF presentations or screen share to review reports
  • Easily find and review reports from past meetings

Capture decisions

Easily document all board resolutions in the meeting record.

  • See notes entered in real time
  • Tag notes as decisions for easy reference later
  • Discuss and vote on formal motions and record their outcome in the minutes

Automate meeting minutes

Export meeting records in several formats for offline storage or printing.

  • Meeting records are organized by agenda topic
  • Automated attendance records for everyone who joined a meeting
  • Review records for accuracy and correct before distributing


Collaborate on the agenda

Create and distribute meeting agendas in advance.

  • Build agendas from scratch or use a template
  • Assign presenters to prepare their agenda items
  • Encourage members to review the agenda prior to the meeting

Manage the discussion

Designate committee members to fulfill specific meeting roles.

  • Give one or more participants note-taking privileges
  • Use the speaker queue to coordinate who will speak and when
  • Members can show documents or their screen for their agenda items

Prepare motions

Track official decisions using the motions feature.

  • Add proposed motions in advance or during the meeting
  • Capture votes and record the motion disposition
  • Easily reference motions from past meetings in the online record

Development Teams

Present demos

Show ongoing work or highlight completed development.

  • Introduce a topic and use screen sharing to show progress
  • Take turns being the presenter and controlling the presentation
  • Capture feedback and questions instantly in the notes

Define requirements

Document and prioritize requirements decisions.

  • Make everyone a note taker and solicit ideas
  • Use Smart Lists to roll up relevant notes into the current agenda item
  • Tag ideas with categories and priority

Coordinate with teammates

Regular updates keep the team in synch and the work moving forward.

  • Duplicate previous agendas for a consistent list of ongoing work
  • Collect team updates on the agenda or action items in advance
  • Automate reporting on completed work or future deadlines


Connect with clients

Online meetings connect you to clients with no software requirements.

  • No downloads or plugins - your meetings begin instantly
  • One-click access during the meeting makes joining fast
  • Developed for any browser - including on tablets and phones

Share records

Take notes during the meeting to send out afterwards.

  • Allow your clients to take notes, ensuring their details are captured accurately
  • Tag notes as decisions for follow-up
  • Instantly email action items and notes after the meeting

Review history

Review past meeting records to refresh your memory before your next meeting.

  • Meeting records are sorted by date and searchable
  • Filter records based on tag, meeting date, or type
  • Pull records from past meetings into an agenda using Smart Lists

Project Teams

Run scheduled and spontaneous meetings

Project teams have a dedicated room for all of their meeting activities.

  • Quick and easy document presenting and screen sharing
  • Dedicated audio conferencing without the need for reservations
  • One-click meeting access for all participants

Share status updates and track action items

Automate reporting on completed work and action item review.

  • Capture action items, notes, issues, and risks in real time
  • Generate the list of open action items to update during the meeting
  • Review recently updated and closed action items to see progress

Capture agreements on milestones

Share project documentation and record decisions.

  • Download files or easily present them in the meeting via browser
  • Notes will reference a presented document and its page number
  • Use tagging to record decisions and approvals